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Top 15+ Best Sites To Download Full Music Albums For Free

Top 15+ Best Sites To Download Full Music Albums For Free

One of the best things ever created by humans is Music. There isn’t a single being on this planet who doesn’t like music. Well, moving on from that today we will be talking about the best sites from which you can download full music albums for free. Well, that is absolutely necessary as one needs to listen to all the songs of an album before deciding whether the album is good or bad. And we are quite sure that you are acquainted with some of these sites. But are all sites reliable? No, all are not. Some provide you with the album that you need and others just keep on redirecting you from one website to another.

So down below we have listed some of the top sites that will provide you with proper and top-tier music. These sites won’t redirect you from one site to the other and you can even listen to the tracks in some of them before downloading. These sites come with a premium look and if you want then you can even register and download as many full music albums you want for free. So check the list down below and start downloading.

Top 15+ Best Sites To Download Full Music Albums For Free

1: Jamendo

Jamendo is among the best sites that host more than 470,000 tracks and download songs for free. It is regarded as world top most platform to download free and legal music operated by creative commons licenses. The website is available to browse into 8 different languages and songs contents of over 40,000 artists. Jamendo creates a connection with the musician and musician from different parts of the world. The main aim of the website is to gather a worldwide community of independent music or create a better experience.

2: YouTube ByClick

YouTube By Click is the best place to download your favorite artist full album songs. To start listening to the complete full album songs of various artists visit the website today. YouTube ByClick is basically a website from where you need to download a software and install it on your PC. Download videos or music or photo albums from any video streaming website be it YouTube. Start downloading the whole playlist of any YouTube music channels or sound cloud playlists. And there is no such thing as restriction from performing multiple task file downloading.

3: iMusic

We bring to you the best music downloader and manager that is iMusic just for you. Discover your favorite music today and download the complete album songs from iMusic. There is an in-built library of music that contains the music of popular and most trending artists. It allows you to download songs from at least 3,000 different music sites. Discover songs of any genre or albums and get it for free without any charges. And transfer the music easily from your Apple phone and iTunes library easily and listen to them at any moment.

4: Noise Trade

In this website, you can find out free music available to download from several artists. Check the list of album songs of your favorite singers and genre of music. As a matter of fact, music sharing the website where the artist can create widgets of their own and share their songs. Download unlimited number of songs from several artists from Noise trade website. It allows connecting with the music lovers and helping them collect the music contents of the world. Discover songs of your favorite artist and listen to the music of your choice for free.

5: Pure Volume

Pure Volume is a website that helps you to discover latest songs and new artist. In the website, each profile of the artist is provided with the details information or photos. Stream music online before you download the full album songs for free, no charges are required. The website is designed with user-friendly interface and with more than thousands of music contents. By using the search bar tool you can perform the search for any songs or the full album. Check the list of top songs, top downloads and albums and download it for free.

6: Audio Archive

Audio Archive has a huge collection of file download for free and listens to the songs. The music library is consists of the audio files of old rock shows or radio talks and original songs of different artists. This website hosts more than 2 million songs of free digital audio files. The design of the Audio Archive site is very simple and you can perform search by using the search bar.

7: Bandcamp

Discover several types of music in Bandcamp website and supports the artist of the songs. With the help of the search tool you can discover song of several artist, track or album of any artist. Stream the music of your favorite music and follow the artist of your choices. The artist can directly sell music to their fans and take a full control on the selling price of the music. Unified accounting and stats over all the favorite artist, and it comes with a single fulfillment interface and make direct payments on a per release basis and much more.

8: Last.fm

Last.fm is a website where you get to download any music content for free. It is a music service provider website where you can create your own profile and listen to your favorite tracks. Choose any of your favorite artists to get the full album songs file downloads. Check on the songs lists of live charts or new releases or the albums that is about to release. Discover the new music of different artist from worldwide and share the taste of your music and lots more.

9: Fanburst

Fanburst brings to you unlimited file download option for a various artist. Not only that, here you can also get unlimited streaming song option of different songs or music albums. It is a place for the musicians and independent artists who can upload their own songs and share it with the world. There is no limitation set to download songs or stream music without any limits. Upload tracks within a file size limit of 1 GB and explore several types of genre of music today.

10: Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is the best place to download your favorite music and full album songs. It is regarded as the world biggest music or audio store available on the internet today. The sound cloud site was first launched in the year 2008 and is known for its unique features and music sharing abilities. Create an account on Sound Cloud to connect for discovering limitless songs by different artists. Sign up for free and either download or listen to songs for free from the website of the sound cloud. Get your free account today and enjoy unlimited songs.

11: Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive has made the list of the best sites to download full music albums for free songs. It has a wide collection of album songs of various artists and several genres of music. The website is well-arranged with different categories of songs from its genre and songs download options. Music Archive is an interactive library of high-quality and legal song file downloads. One of the best platform to collaborate with the curators and the artist.

12: Audionautix.com

Audionautix is an excellent website which is different and unique from the other websites on the list. It offers to you full audio album download of songs from different genres. Choose music of your choice to be it acoustic, rock, classic, country, etc. And you can perform song download search sort by its mood and tempo-wise. This website has a wide collection of songs and you can download unlimited songs for free.


QTRAX is one of the best websites where you can stream your favorite music. Discover and search for the songs of your favorite artists and download to play of all its latest songs. Apart from that, you can personalize the playlists settings and radio stations. Download unlimited number of songs and there is no restriction and charges for it. Enjoy the free downloads songs features and song or radio streaming options like anything else.

14: Amazon Mp3

Amazon MP3 is one of the largest retailer websites that offers several products. Apart from that Amazon has also been selling and offering other digital products like songs and game as well. Download songs of your favorite artist from the website and you don’t have to pay for it. Amazon has over 46,000 songs available to download and most of the songs will not be the latest ones. The music library contains songs of different genres like Alternative Rock, Blues, Country, Hard Rock, etc.

15: Vimeo Music Store

Everyone is aware of the fact that Vimeo is a video streaming website. But it offers to you free audio download options and high-quality music files. Discover the best song today and enjoy the unlimited file downloads. Vimeo has a wide collection of video playlist and the collection of full album songs. To download your favorite artist songs of the different genre all you have to do is visit the store.

16: MP3 Juices

Mp3 juice is a unique website where you can search for the songs of your favorite artist. Download the full album songs of your favorite artist today for free. And there is no limitation set to download mp3 files from this website. Discover songs by using the search tools and find out the favorite songs of the different genre. You can also download YouTube video absolutely for free without any charges.

Final Thoughts

This is the complete list of the top 15+ Best Sites To Download Full Music Albums For Free. Now that you know the name of the websites visits any of them that are mentioned above in details. Download the full album songs of your favorite artist without any charges and limitations. Without looking for further details start searching for the downloads of the song of your favorite artists and genres today.


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